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Overview of the professional part

This section of my web site is dedicated to employers. In order to enable employers to make up their mind, I introduce myself into details.

For those interested in my curriculum vitae, I provide two versions.

Now, if you want to understand who I am, I prompt you to visit my visit card page.

Curriculum Vitae

Depending on the backgroung of the person, it is always interesting to have different point of views concerning the work experience, I dediced to design two types of resume.

Fully HTML detailed

Browse it in French or in English. As you may see, this version is much richer that a traditional CV: it is intented to provide additional valuable information to employers. This version show the detail of the mission and companies I have been working in and for.


You may also download it a more traditional layout under Microsoft Word 2000 format:


I will be available from the 1rst. of december, 2003.
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