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This section of my web site is dedicated to employers. In order to enable employers to make up their mind, I introduce myself into details.

For those interested in my curriculum vitae, I provide two versions.

Now, if you want to understand who I am, I prompt you to visit my visit card page.

Visit Card

This page is a kind of visit card that enables to understand more into detail my professional profile. Throughout this page, I strive to provide additional information useful for an employer who needs to make up her/his mind: I present what are my real motivations, what are my professional expectations.

Above all, do not hesitate to contact me!

Constraint Programming
This page is the opportunity to present Constraint Programming to people. This page may be thought as a modest white paper upon this technology.
I propose an automatic Ant script documentation generation, in the same spirit as the must JavaDoc. This documentation enables to directly execute Ant build files. AntDoc web site is now detached (since Monday, the 29th. of July, 2002) from my personal web site.
This is just a link on a little I am currently working on, and which should propose a release notes framework.
This page presents my work concerning the integration of Jindent tool within the famous open-source tool Ant.
This is in a very beta development, but since this generator was used twice, I decided to make it a stand-alone project: you may take a look at the latest version of WedSitor here .
I re-direct the reader to the XML Proxy Spy (XPS), a project I have been involved in. This project concerns the writting of an HTTP proxy that is supposed to spy and record what an internaut does when browsing the internet, in order to alleviate the necessary actions when she/he wants to sign in later on the visited sites. This is an open-source project hosted by SourceForge .
The purpose of this page is to provide usefull bookmarks, especially for developers. The bookmarks are not really smartly sorted, so be indulgent. As soon as I find a bookmark useful, I try not to forget to add it here, since I personally use that page on that purpose.
Fun pages

Pour le moment, ces pages sont plutôt faites de bric et de broc. Je n'ai cependant pas l'intention d'en bouleverser outre mesure l'organisation. Ces pages sont l'occasion de présenter un peu tout et n'importe quoi.

Vous trouverez ici :

  • des exposés que j'ai du rédiger lors de ma scolarité
  • des musiques de plus ou moins bon goût
  • un petit clip fort sympathique
  • une seule photo pour le moment
Au risque de me répéter, n'hésitez pas à m'envoyer un mesage si je dis des choses fausses, ou bien si vous souhaitez obtenir des renseignements supplémentaires.

How to

In this page, I explain how I designed my web site. Beyond the content, which is not always interesting, I think that the approach I chose is worth to be explained. In the last section of this document, I explain what I intend to do with this site in the future.

This is my private page, so you should not be allowed to enter here...